Friends Forever CODE of CONDUCT

Application, part 4

on your application, you sign to agree to the following codes listed below

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You are a missionary for the Gospel of Jesus Christ, representing the Friends Forever /  mission and your church.

Your words must build
people up to follow their God given dream.

You now have time to prepare for the greatest week of your life!


You must respect cultural considerations for the clothing you will wear in a tolerant way.



You are a team member not a lone ranger!


Your conduct and conversation is to be courteous.  The scripture (Hebrews 13:15, 16) says, 
“Thanks giving is the fruit of our lips.”
  This is to be in operation for the entire
 trip towards Dr. Mark Muirhead, Friends Forever staff, your group leader, other team members, hotel, our transportation staff and the people of Jamaica.


There is no place for whining, discord or uncooperativeness.  This will be immediately rebuked and corrected privately. 

No leader or student is allowed to bring any schedule changes to the founder and staff members of Friends Forever. That also holds true with complaints to staff to our Reid Transportation staff.


All questions or requests must privately through your trip leader and then brought to Dr. Muirhead.  Any negative action beyond the initial offence will be brought forward in public (Matthew 18).


No women will be permitted in men’s hotel rooms.  No men will be allowed in women’s hotel rooms.  Only the group leader can call for a meeting in a hotel room for

men and women to be together.


P.D.A. (public display of affection) is not permitted among team members and team members with hotel guests and  Jamaican people.  This is a trip for missionaries.  You are

expected to submit yourself  to the Spirit of God and not focus on lesser issues during this trip.  Sexual activity within the group or with any contact in Jamaica will result

in immediate dismissal and return to the USA at the expense of the person.


When curfew is set each evening it is mandatory to abide by the time. No activity outside your room is allowed until 7:30AM the next day.  We are hotel guests who

are missionaries. Violation will be confronted with in the same manner as paragraph three of Activity guidelines (Matthew 18).


There is no consumption of drugs, alcohol and/or tobacco.  The first violation will cause the offender to be sent home to place of embarkation, at the offenders/and

or host church expense.







CODE OF CONDUCT – cont. – part 2



All food that is served is expected to be eaten. No diets during mission’s trip week! If  trip participant does not eat what is served they can be dismissed from the table

and return to their hotel room.  Any other food eaten at the hotel will then be at the participant’s personal expense.  Our goal is to avoid medical problems because of lack of food and water.


All these items are shared and enforced for your safety.  Dr. Mark Muirhead often says, “Your issues  will not become the issues of this missions trip. Our issue  is that we lead  people to see Christ. Then they will be open to receive Him when we speak.”



Remember only one personal bag/suitcase is permitted  for check-in at the airport. Along with your personal items consider, click for this travel tip.


Clothes Guidelines for Women


Dresses – half sleeves are acceptable- no sleeveless. Avoid strapless (and thin strap)

dresses and/or tight see-thru attire and/or halter dresses, or low cut necklines.  Slits are permitted in dresses no higher then the knee.


Skirts – knee length or longer. Slits are permitted in skirts no higher than the knee.


Tops – must cover stomach area – no skin showing.  The top must be tucked in or lay over the skirt.  You must avoid  sleeveless and/or thin spaghetti straps, halter tops, tank tops, low cut necklines, or offensive/questionable logo or designs.


Shoes – comfortable walking shoes/sandals.



Shorts – Mid-thigh shorts or longer. No short shorts or tight fitting sports shorts.

Capris are acceptable.

Tops – No strapless, thin spaghetti straps, halter tops, low cut necklines or offensive/questionable logo or designs. 
Tops must cover shoulders and stomach area – no skin showing. Wear TShirts ladies!


Swimwear – one piece. No takinis. This video is required for all ladies to view by Designer, actress and Christian -  Jessica Rey.

Click now to view, "The Godly Truth About Bikini's - Finally Someone Gets It":


CODE OF CONDUCT – cont. – part 3



Clothes Guidelines for Men

Ministry  – shorts or pants.  No sagging attire.

Shirts: collared sport shirt and/or T-shirt with sleeves (no sleeveless shirts). 

Avoid offensive/questionable logo or designs.



Shorts – no sagging attire.

Shirt – T-Shirts with sleeves (no sleeveless shirts)

Avoid offensive/questionable logo or designs.


Shoes – comfortable walking shoes/sandals.


Swimwear boardshorts style swimming trunks.  No skimpy, tight speedos! No Bikinis!


Please Note for Women and Men

No heavy jewelry or chains.  Leave them home.


No beading of hair. We are not on vacation.  We are on a ministry mission.  We

do not want to be offensive in appearance, dress and clothing during our ministry days and Sunday meetings.



Bring your camera, laptop, ipad, ipod, and media devices for email, texting and posting during the trip week.


No musical instruments are to be brought on this trip without permission from the Friends Forever office, 910-215-7777.

Our goals are to be with people
and not have any musical performance unless approved for your teams work in school
and/or Vacation Bible School.