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To complete the full application you must also include:

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Friends Forever Ministry Trip for 2016
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CIRCLE the 2016 week you are planning to participate

June 21 - June 28, 2016

Summer week #1
School Outreach Week

July 5 - 12, 2016

Summer week #2
Vacation Bible School Week

July 12 -17, 2016
Pastors & Friends Get Away

OTHER (fill in date on line below)

I.  Tell us about yourself.  (Please print legibly with blue or black ink)
Full Name (as appears on your Passport):
Passport Number____________________________Expiration Date_________________
Mailing Address __________________________________________________________
Home Phone(_______)__________________Work Phone(_______)________________
Cell Phone(_______)___________________Email_______________________________

Age requirement for the Friends Forever Ministry Trip is 16 years of age. 2016 trip exceptions for traveling under the age of 16 years old are those traveling with a parent only. There is a ‘grandfather clause’ for travelers from 2014 - 2015 trips only for those still under age 16.
Birth Date_______/________/_________

Height________feet________inches       Weight_________pounds (do not leave blank)
(circle one)   Male     Female          T-shirt size:    S     M     L     XL      XXL    XXXL
Marital Status:   Single     Engaged     Married     Separated     Divorced
                                                             Spouse’s Name_____________________________
II.  Tell us who you live with . (Please print legibly)
Last Name___________________________________First________________________
Last Name___________________________________First________________________
If parents are separated or divorced, who has legal custody?
(circle one)    Father     Mother     Joint     Others_________________________________


III.  Please tell us if you have ever:
Please answer Yes or No
Been suspended or expelled from school?          
Served time in a detention center or jail?          
Been convicted of a crime?                                
III. Please tell us if you have ever – cont.
Been involved with tobacco products?                
Been involved with alcohol?                                
Been involved with illegal drugs?                     
Been involved with gang-related activities?      
Been involved with a cult or the occult?             
Had diabetes or hypoglycemia?                          
Had fainting spells?                                             
Had an eating disorder?                                      
Had breathing problems?                                     
Had psychiatric care?                                         
Taken depressions or behavioral medication?      

Been sexually active? (omit if married)            
Been pregnant or fathered a child outside of marriage?                  
Been involved in homosexual activities?
Intentionally inflicted harm on yourself?            
Attempted suicide?                                        
Been treated for physical impairment?            
Been treated for mental impairment?              
If you answered “Yes” to any of the above, please give a complete explanation on a blank separate sheet of paper. Please know your answers are confidential with the senior staff and Board of Directors of Friends Forever Missionary Fellowship.
IV.  Complete the following in regards to your Christian faith: (Please print legibly)
Date you made a commitment to follow Jesus________/________/________
                                                                          Month        Date          Year
Describe your current relationship with God:

Name of Home Church______________________________________________
(include city and state)_______________________________________________
Tell us how active you are in your church, and current ministry outreach(s) you are involved with:

Tell us why you want to go on this ministry trip:

Have you been on an overseas ministry/outreach missions trip before?____

Where & When, Date:__________________________________________
The information I have given above to Mark Muirhead Ministries, Inc. dba Friends Forever Missionary Fellowship is accurate and true to the best of my knowledge. 
I agree to the responsibilities to uphold the ‘CODE OF CONDUCT’ for the missions trip week.

I give Mark Muirhead Ministries, Inc. dba Friends Forever Missionary Fellowship the right to use my picture, video taping and/or audio taping of me for broadcasting on Friends Forever TV and/or Around The World Radio and/or for promotional and/or advertising purposes. 

My enclosed signature (and signature of my parent or legal guardian because I am under the age of 18) signifies my approval.
Applicant’s Signature_________________________________Date_____/_____/_____
Parent/Guardian Signature_____________________________Date_____/_____/_____
                                    (required if applicant is under the age of 18)
The following must be received PRIOR TO December 30, 2015
(1) Application and your picture,  
(2) Liability Release form, with notary seal and date
AND (3) Pastoral Reference  
including a $150.00 non-refundable and non-transferable deposit

Friends Forever Missionary Fellowship, Inc. / P.O. Box 2001 / Pinehurst, NC 28370-2001
PH:  1-910-215-7777 / EM: harpmotive@aol.com