Friends Forever 2016 trips

payment & other expense information, part 5
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2016 Trip PAYMENT Deadlines


For ALL summer participants, and groups these are  deadline days

Deposit - (non-refundable and non-transferable) $150.00 US PRIOR to December 30, 2015 for all trips


1st Payment - $200.00 US PRIOR to February 12, 2016

2nd Payment - $350.00 US PRIOR to April 15, 2016


Final Payments - Amount TBA


1st Summer Trip Final Payment - PRIOR to May 24, 2016


2nd Summer Trip Final Payment - PRIOR to June 3, 2016


Additional Trip expense

Single Room - Add $300.00 US


NOTE that payments are to arrive on the deadline day above payable to:


Friends Forever Missionary Fellowship, PO BOX 2001, Pinehurst, NC 28370-2001


Master Card and Visa payments are allowed with an additional fee of 3%.


PLEASE NOTE AGAIN: 2016 APPLICATION is only COMPLETE (before or on 12/30/15) when:  deposit, application information with picture, the pastors reference and liability release forms are received at Friends Forever Missionary Fellowship.  The pastor’s reference should be sent in before or by the pastor by December 30, 2015.


Please fill out legal first and last name on the application.  A $175.00 service fee will be charged for name corrections to the airlines.
The name on your ticket
and passport must match.


Application approval response Friends Forever Missionary Fellowship aka will be given to group leaders by
January 1
5, 2015.




2016 trip

payment and other expense information – cont.



Failure to meet deadlines

with no notice and without communicating reasonable cause will result in the information being submitted to the Friends Forever Board of Directors for person/group being dropped from the trip
. There is no refund or transfer for the trip deposit. Additionally these are the time line breakdowns for trip responsibilities.

Those that drop between 120 days and 95 days prior to departure are subject to $325.00 in non returnable cost.


Those that drop March 15 and after for June 21, 2016 trip, also March 28 and after for June 28, 2016 trip, and April 2 for the July 5, 2016 trip to departure are subject to own the value of the flight ticket and a $400.00 in non returnable cost.

ose that drop from trip 71 days prior to departure date with no replacement are subject to own the flight ticket(if purchased) and a $500.00 in non returnable cost.

Payments are non-refundable but transferable to another person PRIOR to 45 days of the trip with an additional $175.00 fee if the ticket was under a group booking, only

with the approval of Dr. Muirhead and the MMM Board of Directors.  Those who cancel 35 days prior to departure the value of your ticket is zero and there is no flight ticket to refund or transfer.


Please Note since 2008 - within 48 hours of departure day - there is NO replacement allowed for travel and no refunds.


The MMM Board of Directors does not recommend a replacement to fill a person who cancels 30 days prior to the trip.  The concern is based on this ministries
observation that last call replacements are not trained and ready to be on this trip.

The person who cancels will possibly own the travel ticket value (except in the case of a AirTran there is no group ticket refund). Other tickets are good for one calendar yea
r on the airline of departure and return for travel value with that airlines.

Therefore, It is recommended by Friends Forever Missions that you have always have a trained standby person as a replacement cancellation, note with the complete application, pastor's reference and liability release forms filled out and ready to be sent Friends Forever Missions on a next day mail notice to our office.  No paper application, there is no trip.  Starting in 2008, we asked group leaders to communicate with our office and ask for the replacement person in case of an extreme emergency cancellation.

Therefore again, payments are non-refundable and not transferable within 2 days of trip.


Travel and entry into Jamaica: Valid Passport.  This is the policy of USA Government and Jamaica Government as of January 7, 2007.


You are allowed to bring one check in bag/suitcase at the travelers expense. You are also allowed on the plane one personal item and one carry-on.

You will be able to exchange funds to Jamaica $.  We will return to the exchange store again during the week, and on the departure d
ay we will return for final exchange back.


The trip includes your roundtrip air-flight, departure tax, hotel lodging, group ground transportation, breakfast and dinners(as noted in your schedule).




2016 trip

payment and other expense information – part 3


During lunch time you will have personal options as directed by your  tour leader.  There is fast food in the Witter Village/Iron Shore and the
Fairview Shopping Center/Bouge
: Burger King,

Progressive Foods Store, Chinese, Coffee-n-Cream Shop, Mystic India and local stores

where you can get lunch in the $6 - $7 US range.  We also encourage you to bring

snacks and goodies. 


In addition to funds you would bring for your personal shopping


Do not give money to hotel staff, orphanage workers, hospice patients, pastors or church leaders. You may give gifts from the goods you bring, but not

any cash or check.  During your trip team meetings there will be an opportunity to respond to those areas of need by giving through the Friends Forever Missionary Fellowship.. 


Also, do not give out your phone number to anyone in Jamaica (due to money request scams that target missions participants).
You can get the phone number of your friends in Jamaica if you are going to call them and pay for the call;

and we can recommend the following website,,com_web2sms/Itemid,40/

so you can send text messages for free. We also recommend a separate text line to use by downloading the app 'HeyWire'.